Tiffany Bausch Weld


Tiffany is a naturalist, intoxicated by the energy of the Earth, Sun, and Space. She believes our thoughts, intentions, and words synchronize our frequency to the natural world. This philosophy combined with her interests in ancient mysticism and ancient peoples, guide her expression of art. 

Tiffany weaves together eclectic patterns, sculptural elements, and light coming together in her jewelry and ceramic art. 

Fiore Wylde collections are designed with purpose and the energy around each piece is set with the intention to create a positive connection between the item and its owner.

Art and jewelry making were sealed into Tiffany’s being from a young age. Fiore, Tiffany’s grandfather, and the namesake of the brand, showed her how to drill tiny holes into treasures found in nature and string them onto cord, becoming Tiffany’s first jewelry pieces.

Before launching Fiore Wylde, Tiffany spent more than a decade in New York City designing and directing the design of jewelry for brands such as, Ippolita, Banana Republic, Alexis Bittar, and Larkspur & Hawk.

Tiffany lives in Colorado with her Husband, their two wylde boys, and a big fluffy dog named Moonlight Layla.