May Birthstone

EMERALD (aka Panna)

Green is a symbol of spring, renewal, new beginnings, and nature. Emeralds are associated with planet Mercury, intellect, love, and the heart chakra.   


6 Health Benefits of Wearing an Emerald Gemstone

  1. Improves communication by inspiring eloquent, lucid, clear confident speech
  2. Strengthens memory and retention of new information
  3. Improves symptoms of allergies, respiratory challenges, and skin problems
  4. Restores warmth and affection in love life
  5. Increases artistic and creative talents
  6. Brings wisdom and a strengthened intuition

While most zodiac signs benefit from wearing emerald there are two Sun Signs who should not wear emeralds. 

Sorry Aries and Cancer Sun Signs, Mars in incompatible with Mercury the ruler of emeralds so Aries Sun Sign is best to avoid this gem. Cancer Sun Sign is also advised to leave the emerald and choose a different stone to wear.

May 09, 2022 — Tiffany Bausch Weld